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March is National Tick Awareness Month

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association has developed a new educational web site for Canadian pet owners. It was created to provide pet owners with a credible on-line resource to answer their questions on ticks.

In addition, Virden Animal Hospital is going to be involved in a Canadian Pet Tick Survey. See our blog under the heading "more"


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See our Blog for the Beef Producer Spring News Letter 2019

Welcome to Virden Animal Hospital
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Virden Animal Hospital is a large, mixed animal practice serving the town of Virden and surrounding communities in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Our experienced doctors are extremely knowledgeable and go above and beyond to provide exceptional veterinary care. We offer many services in preventative health, medicine and surgery, ambulatory service, 24-7 emergency service and more. We are continually updating and acquiring the most progressive equipment and continuing education to be able to best serve our clients and patients.


Our registered animal health technologists are very friendly and compassionate. They are experts at handling, treating and caring for your animals to minimize stress and make the client and patient’s experience the best it can be.

All of our staff at VAH strive to provide great customer service and close relationships with our clients. We view our clients as good friends and neighbors and we are proud to be actively involved in the community.

Please browse our website. If you have any questions, call 204.748.3950 or email us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. You can subscribe to the newsletter and read articles written for you. Hope to see you soon!

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Meet the Staff

  • Dr.
    Robbie Mcdougall
    Dr. Robbie Mcdougall is a partner of Virden Animal Hospital. He began working at the Virden Animal Hospital at a young age alongside his father, Dr. Carlyle McDougall. He graduated from Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon in 1989.
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  • Dr.
    Roger Richard
    Dr Roger Richard is a partner of Virden Animal Hospital. He was raised in a military family stationed throughout western Canada. His father retired after 25 years of service in 1974 to a mixed farm, in Crawford Park area, south of Riding Mountain National Park.
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  • Dr.
    Carla Loewen
    Dr Carla Loewen is a partner of Virden Animal Hospital. She grew up on a dairy farm in southeastern Manitoba which instilled the love and care of animals at a very young age.
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  • Dr.
    Nadine Wohlgemuth
    Dr. Nadine Wohlgemuth is a partner of the Virden Animal Hospital. She grew up on a 175 head cow/calf farm south of Oak Lake, MB. She began helping her parents with all aspects of the beef farm at a very young age, learning many important skills that are put to use daily in her veterinary career.
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  • Dr.
    Joe King
    Dr. Joe King is a partner of Virden Animal Hospital. He was raised on an equine ranch near Lenore, MB with his two brothers, Scott and Charlie King. Joe’s parents, Doug and Deb King, taught their sons horsemanship and the value of hard work.
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  • Dr.
    Gita Gunson-King
    Dr. Gita Gunson is a partner of Virden Animal Hospital. Gita grew up near Stony Plain, AB and developed a passion for animals alongside her father who was a wildlife biologist.
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  • Dr.
    Everett More
    Dr. Everett More was raised on a family farm at Dand, 60 miles south east of Virden. He was a 10 year 4H beef club member and enjoyed showing both cattle and light and heavy horses at local fairs.
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  • Dr.
    Lesley Goethals
    Dr. Lesley Goethals is an associate veterinarian at Virden Animal Hospital. Lesley grew up on a farm in Deloraine, MB and developed a love for animals at a very young age.
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  • Sherry Wilson
    Sherry graduated from Kelsey Campus in Saskatoon in 1982. She started her vet tech career in Hamiota before coming to Virden on September 22, 1987. She lives on a farm, in Lenore, with husband, Jim and son, Wyatt. They run a small cow-calf operation and also have a herd of farm cats. Sherry has a great sense of humour and we are thankful that she has been a dedicated RAHT at Virden for about 30 years!
  • Hilary Griffith
    Hilary started working at VAH as an animal health technologist after her graduation from NAIT in Edmonton in 2007. She currently resides in Oak Lake with her husband, Kevin and son, Blake where they cattle and grain farm with Kevin's parents. They have a herd of furry kids including 6 cats, a dog, and her horse. Whether she's working on a small critter or a large animal, Hilary has great knowledge and experience in all areas of the practice.
  • Cathy Rouse
    Cathy graduated from the Animal Health Technology Program at Lakeland College in 2009. She started her career as an RAHT in Saskatoon and Martensville prior to coming to Virden in 2012. Cathy lives in Moosomin with her boyfriend (Troy), her Great Dane (Trigger), cats (Poe, Tai, and Smudge) and her horse (Legs), Her interests include her 4 legged creatures, of course, and baking and gardening. Patients are in good hands with Cathy’s passion and dedication for quality care.
  • Brandi Matheson
    Brandi has been at VAH since May 2012. She graduated from Lakeland College in Vermilion, Alberta in 2012. Brandi lives on a farm outside of Brandon with a variety of animals, including 4 horses, 3 cats and 2 dogs. Brandi has a special interest in equine health and small animal surgery. She is a skilled technician and a very friendly individual and has been a great addition to the Virden Animal Hospital team.
  • Sherry Gurr
    Sherry is one of our friendly, knowledgeable receptionists. She joined our VAH team in August, 2005. She grew up on a mixed farm near Cromer. She now lives in Virden with Rob along with their rescue dog, Juice and other dog, Charlie. She loves spending time with her daughter, April and twin sons, Brady and Dillon. She is well known for her friendly nature and will always greet you with a smile.
  • Nicole Carruthers
    Nicole joined VAH in 2013 as one of our outgoing, helpful receptionists. Nicole shares her home in Virden with her significant other, Jamine, and their adorable rescue animals; Zero (the munchkin kitty), Dudley (the ferocious, diabetic Daschund) and Elvis (the handsome Basset Hound). Nicole always takes an interest in your animals and is quick to give helpful advice!
  • Dr.
    Carlyle Mcdougall
    Dr Carlyle Mcdougall was raised on a cattle and grain farm. He graduated from Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph in 1965. He started practicing in Elkhorn for a year. Then he switched to Virden and practiced mixed animal medicine out of an office downtown in 1966.
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Hear From Happy Pet Owners

  • "Very grateful for the wonderful after hours service I received. Emergencies are never good but when you are hours from home and receive exceptional service it is truly special. Thank you!"
    Jennifer M Smart
  • "What an amazing experience! Definitely worth the 2:45 trip to get there. Very knowledgable. Addressed all of my concerns and took the time to show me the before and after in my horses mouths."
    Leeann Shauf
  • "Awesome people. Great vet! Will definitely be using them for all my veterinary needs!"
    Janina Kemp

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