Dr. Cathy Clemence


Dr. Cathy graduated from Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1985 and practised mixed animal veterinary medicine since then.

She is married to Kim Bender and has 2 children. Alex (son) is a millright and Heavy duty mechanic and Nicolle (daughter) is an Agrologist and Animal Science major. We farm together outside of Russell MB. Alex is getting married in the fall of 2023 and Nikki will be having a baby in May of 2023.

She retired from practise ownership in July of 2021 ahd bilateral knee replacements in 2022 and is back to work in 2023.

Dr. Roger Richard

Veterinarian (retired 2022)

Dr. Roger Richard was raised in a military family stationed throughout western Canada. His father retired after 25 years of service in 1974 to a mixed farm, in Crawford Park area, south of Riding Mountain National Park. Roger graduated from WCVM in 1989. He worked in Pilot Mound after college before coming to the Virden Animal Hospital in 1991.

Roger married Carla Jasper in 1994 and lives west of Virden with their 3 daughters; Adrienne, Leah and Avery. Much of their free time revolves around their daughter’s sporting events including volleyball, basketball, fastball and hockey. Together they run a 90 head commercial cow-calf herd. They enjoy working their herd on horseback. Roger has been in all facets of mixed animal practice over the years including food animal, equine and companion animal. With the addition of the current staff of veterinarians, Roger has been able to focus on his main interest, beef production.

Despite Roger’s retirement he can still be found working part time out of Virden Animal Hospital’s newly acquired satellite clinic, Shoal Lake Veterinary Clinic.

Jenna Shwaluk


Jenna lives on a farm outside of shoal lake with her husband and 2 sons. They have a mixed farm with grain land, cattle, horses, and multiple types of birds. In her spare time, she enjoys taking out her team of horses and heading to RMNP for fishing and camping.